iOS browser issue loading sign in screen

Anyone having issues with not loading to the sign in screen? Mainly using it on iOS platform (iPad)

Hello @designguy06, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Does the same happen in a different device? Have you tried clearing cookies and cache recently or turning OFF/ON shields? In case you are using extensions try disabling them and then relaunch the browser. Let us know if that resolves the issue. Regards.

I cleared the cache and worked fine for 5 minutes. Now it can’t load anything. The mobile browser is horrendous. I’m not even sure what I should have enabled and disabled. A little help would be nice.

Update: Instead of fiddling around with settings, which made things worst, I ended up deleting the app and reinstalled it. So far it’s running fine.

Great! Thank you for letting us know on how you resolved the issue. Best Regards.