iOS Brave rewards strangeness

I asked my friend to start using Brave. Then it was strange how her Brave rewards menu looked different than mine. There was no such thing as 0.000 BAT and 0.00 USD, or any Brave Rewards settings. Later I got to know of Apple’s selfish and power-hungry ban on the rewards of this wonderful browser.
What rather was strange is - she was able to see Brave ads!! Ads came popping up with the Brave symbol as soon as she started using it. That would mean she’s getting it stuffed in her wallet for the next month. After playing with the browser for a while I was able to note that there is 1 creator she is supporting. I think that means auto-contribute? It doesn’t show who that is though. I guess it’s me.

So does that mean I’ll get tipped on her auto contribute day?

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