iOS 16.5 and Brave 1.51 - instant crash on Brave open

Does this work? Sorry, I followed the directions, but couldn’t figure out how to share the .txt file. So I put the info in a word document. If this doesn’t work, can you please tell me how to share the .txt file? Thank you!

@Sammyleann it would work if you had it set that anyone with the link could view it. But the way you’re doing it, they have to request permission from you and login with their accounts.

You should be able to upload directly here to Community by using the Upload button image

If you don’t have ability to do that yet, it just means you need to bump your trust level up. Steps to do that is as follows:

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

It honestly isn’t that bad, just is a matter of you reading through a variety of topics and posts. Can get it done in about 10 minutes.

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Client-2023-05-31-134409.txt (36.9 KB)

I followed all of the steps. Thank you for all of the help! @Saoiray

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The developer responded to my second review, on iTunes and AGAIN just told me to update to the newest version. Even though I’ve repeatedly stated that I have already updated to the newest version.
Also someone else’s review that the app is crashing for them too and they loosed all of their tabs. I really hope this isn’t the case for me too, because I have so many tabs I don’t want to loose!

@Sammyleann I’m sure @michal will follow up with you when he’s able. I can also tag in @Mattches and @steeven though just so they can help track it if needed.

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Thank you. @michal and team are aware of the issue and working to resolve.


I just upgraded to the newest version of the app (version 1.51.2), that came out yesterday and the app STILL crashes and isn’t working. Please help. :sob:

There is still no new update to fix my issue. And the issue is still occurring and I still have not been able to use the app. Please help.

Is this issue still being worked on? My browser is still crashing.

I just made an account here because i have the same problem. IOS and Brave are on the most up to date version and still - it always crashes when i want to open it.

I have a lot of important taps open, that´s why i don´t want to reinstall - is it somehow possbile to resore them (is there kind of a file with the open “tabs”).

Would be very thankful if someone could help. I really would love to use Brave again :slight_smile:

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@steeven @Mattches

I tagged you so you can see that the issue is still going on.

I still have the instand crashes. Right now with Brave 1.52.1 and IOS 16.6 (20G75).

Anybody more Ideas? :slight_smile:

Please update to 1.52 and give it a try.
We just released it, you have to go to the app store and search for Brave manually

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Still the same problem, but this time it takes longer to crash :smiley: :frowning:

I made a video for you!

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Is this on Brave 1.56? do you remember how many tabs you have open?

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Same issue over here. Let me know if the update fixed it for you.

To be honest - a lot. I guess 99+ so the “:D” easter egg appers

This is acutally the biggest problem for me because i use tabs a bookmarks and would love to recover them (is there somewhere a file with the open tabs?).

Thanks again!

Good news I’m pretty sure we have a fix for it now.
It affects older builds from April. If you had 1.50 with many tabs and updated to 1.51 it may caused this problem. We migrated some tabs data and migrating tab’s screenshots is a very heavy operation and this causes the problem.
It took to long to migrate tab’s images and the iOS system force shutdowns the app if it fails to launch in 20 seconds

Now after the lasted update, everything works again! I don´t know why but yeah i´m happy. Thank you guys!


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