iOS 16.5 and Brave 1.51 - instant crash on Brave open

Does it crash every time at launch for you? or some other crash?

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It crashes at launch every time.

Until a few days ago, if I messed around long enough, (restarting the app and/or the iPad, quitting and relaunching, and switching between another open app while the brave browser). I was sometimes able to get the app to start up and give me the app crashed restore tabs message. But for the last few days no matter what I do I cannot get it to successfully launch.

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Not sure if you saw my previous message, I am still experiencing the crashes at launch. No change after restarting, etc.

If I were to delete and reinstall the app is it safe to assume that my open tabs would be lost? What about my bookmarks would they also be gone? Thanks for your help!

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I saw the message. Tabs would be gone if you did not sync them with another device.
For iPad one thing that worked for people was to detach the external keyboard

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Thanks for the fix. It really helps alots

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Thanks for letting me know about the tabs. I haven’t had the keyboard attached, I tried messing with attaching/ detaching the smart keyboard while booting the app, before booting, etc., and still cannot get it to start up.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can try. Thanks so much!

Starting yesterday (Saturday 5/27/23), every time that I opened the app it would act like it was opening, stay on a white screen for like 20 seconds and then close. I updated the Brave app after this, to see if it would fix it and it didn’t. I then updated my IPad iOS to the newest version and this also did not solve the problem. I have so many tabs open on there, that I don’t want to lose. Please help! I cannot loose my open tabs! Please! It seems like a lot of people are having this problem and it’s not being fixed. It’s just getting worse. Please fix it!

I updated my iPad to iOS 16.5 and the Brave app to 1.51.1 and it did not fix the problem.

I also have the .txt File, if that would help.

I wrote a review on iTunes for the Brave app, basically stating what I did here. I got a response from the developer that told me to please update to the newest version, which I already did, and and it did not work (Which I already stated in that review). The newest version of the app did not help fix this problem for me at all. And this problem only started the day that the newest version came out. And that same day is when I updated to the newest version. Please help me!

“I am still working on compatibility for iOS devices.00”

Please upload the file and share with us. We fixed bunch of crashes recently but looks like some of them are still happening

Does this work? Sorry, I followed the directions, but couldn’t figure out how to share the .txt file. So I put the info in a word document. If this doesn’t work, can you please tell me how to share the .txt file? Thank you!

@Sammyleann it would work if you had it set that anyone with the link could view it. But the way you’re doing it, they have to request permission from you and login with their accounts.

You should be able to upload directly here to Community by using the Upload button image

If you don’t have ability to do that yet, it just means you need to bump your trust level up. Steps to do that is as follows:

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

It honestly isn’t that bad, just is a matter of you reading through a variety of topics and posts. Can get it done in about 10 minutes.

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Client-2023-05-31-134409.txt (36.9 KB)

I followed all of the steps. Thank you for all of the help! @Saoiray

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The developer responded to my second review, on iTunes and AGAIN just told me to update to the newest version. Even though I’ve repeatedly stated that I have already updated to the newest version.
Also someone else’s review that the app is crashing for them too and they loosed all of their tabs. I really hope this isn’t the case for me too, because I have so many tabs I don’t want to loose!

@Sammyleann I’m sure @michal will follow up with you when he’s able. I can also tag in @Mattches and @steeven though just so they can help track it if needed.

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Thank you. @michal and team are aware of the issue and working to resolve.


I just upgraded to the newest version of the app (version 1.51.2), that came out yesterday and the app STILL crashes and isn’t working. Please help. :sob:

There is still no new update to fix my issue. And the issue is still occurring and I still have not been able to use the app. Please help.

Is this issue still being worked on? My browser is still crashing.

I just made an account here because i have the same problem. IOS and Brave are on the most up to date version and still - it always crashes when i want to open it.

I have a lot of important taps open, that´s why i don´t want to reinstall - is it somehow possbile to resore them (is there kind of a file with the open “tabs”).

Would be very thankful if someone could help. I really would love to use Brave again :slight_smile:

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@steeven @Mattches

I tagged you so you can see that the issue is still going on.

I still have the instand crashes. Right now with Brave 1.52.1 and IOS 16.6 (20G75).

Anybody more Ideas? :slight_smile: