Invitation to the brave slack team


How can I get an invitation to the brave slack team?


Yeah I’d like to know as well.


Also interested in the Slack team.:grinning:


The fastest way would be to contribute code or complete test runs on our latest builds :slight_smile: : About the Quality Assurance category


So could I get an invitation now when doing test runs and so on :hugs: I am waiting for a release candidate to be released so I can start doing my tests :ok_hand: @alex


I am working with a company that uses brave as its base, we’d really like to be able to contribute but we really would like to have a relationship that allows us to work together rather than having splitting off so much from you guys.

I am pulling down the latest version of brave and merging our stuff on top starting tomorrow. I’d love to have the opportunity to help out the brave team though, there are some simple things that I think could help both of us.

We have added some extra support for chrome extensions, and plan to continue adding support for our project, this could significantly help the brave community in my opinion.


I am no employee at Brave but I just wander what you are going to use it for? @carsonnwright


We are already using it for a special type of business oriented browser, I can’t give the details. Our current version of the browser is built off of a fork of brave from about 9 months ago. We’ve done considerable work on it to improve the whole experience, including theming of the ui.

For instance we’ve found small things like the close buttons on the brave tabs are too small for many users, we’ve increased the padding by about 2px.

We’ve made it so when you’re browsing in single tab mode it doesn’t show tabs at all, we’ve added support for a few plugins, and worked to create isolation of partitions.

We would love to help the team fully allow isolation of partitions per profile, it would be helpful to brave, and helpful to us to have it in the core rather than us completely forking and having to cut away parts of brave to accomplish our mission.

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