Intitiating a sync like this is not logical

Look, all I want to do is sync up a few devices. Firefox got it right, provide a secure password and it works, across my network or across the world. There is a point that you can make something so secure it’s unusable, and you found it. You cannot protect people lacking common sense from themselves. If the user cannot comprehend the concept of a secure password, they get what they deserve. Then, next time they will do it correctly. Problem solved. Until then, all I’m going to use Brave for is the occasional web site that is impossible to use due to gobs of ads that get in my way. The rest of the time I’m using Firefox. Oh, and the lack of a menu bar and only an obnoxious Hamburger menu that ONLY belongs on cellphone apps contributed to this decision. Fix these oversights and I, and many, many others will use it all the time.

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