Internxt lies about privacy

so a while back I saw a sponsor on about “internxt,” a private cloud storage that is supposed to be like onedrive, but more user private. until I got an extension called wappalyzer which reveals info about how a website runs its API’s and stuff. I decided to use wappalyzer on the internxt home page and turns out they use Facebook pixel and google analytics for their analytics which raised a red flag for me.

(post deleted by author)

(post deleted by author)

Internxt is a scam. If you read their “white paper” you will see it is ridiculously simplified for a white paper. If you read their “security” section you will see that it doesn’t really tell you anything. They don’t explain anything of substance. I asked their “support agents” some technical stuff and they were clueless. I have also found many other complaints online. So I call them a scam and not worth wasting your time on even though the concept they are selling sounds nice.

If you want to see what a serious service looks like, check out tresorit’s site. If you want max security, run your own Nextcloud.

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