Internet speed on Brave is slow when using a connection with proxy

I’m using Brave Browser both on my personal computer at home and at work. At work, there are two WiFi connections available: one of the whole building that doesn’t use proxy and one for my department that uses a proxy which is necessary to access the NAS and printer. In the last few days, I’ve noticed that the department internet was extremely slow and it was alright when I switched to the building’s connection. But, apparently, no one else has the same issue. So I tried using my department connection with Firefox and Chrome. It worked perfectly. The speed on my personal computer at home was also alright. So I’m guessing that the issue was between Brave and the proxied connection.

So far, I’ve uninstalled and installed back the browser. I can’t do anything like trying out cable connection or messing with the router.

Brave version: Version 1.17.75 on Windows 10

The first thing I would recommend is to Delete Cookies, or Delete any Add-on that is interfering with the Connection, Close all tasks and verify the startup tasks when using the brave browser.

Try to remove any network card your computer has and then put it back in taking care not to damage it, dust it off a bit, and then test.

It may also be that some port within that computer is interfering with the Brave Browser connection or is using the same port to run two programs

If the problem continues, you can choose the following recommendation

If you do not have any type of Economic Acquisition or participate in any type of Paid Content for the Brave Browser System and you only use the Browser for Personal use, I recommend you Uninstall and Install the Browser again, Postdata said action will only apply if you do not have economic acquisition to lose.

If the problem continues and after Uninstall and Install you restarted your computer,.

You can test your connection in different browsers by typing SpeedTest in Google


Thank you for responding.

As I mentioned in my post. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Brave browser, deleting any past settings.
I have also tested the connection with Chrome and Firefox, both of them are normal, on both the proxy network and the non-proxy network.
I have also used another network with Brave Browser (the one without proxy). The Brave Browser performance on that one is also normal.

The issue only arose when I use Brave on the network with proxy.

The DNS may be complicating the Connection with the servers that you are trying to communicate by creating a Delay, check the Proxy configuration and on the computer that you are connecting, modify the connections to make a call to Secure DNS, it happens to me when I add DNS to the Wi-Fi network configuration, which are low-end or from some country with low speed, and when communicating with a server or website from another country or place, the loading speed usually takes time, it may be an option, just as the Moderators will look at your message and surely they can give you a better response.

Trying a thousand options has always worked for me, try until you get what you want.

Since the Brave Browser configuration is very similar to Google, searching for Results on the internet referring to the same topic or some video on Youtube that will help you solve your problem, remember that when you search, add Tags or Keywords in different ways to achieve with the desired result.

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