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Whenever I search the internet using “BRAVE” I always receive a “Google” search engine response.

For instance, if I search using “How to help a vaccinated person get proper medical help”; the results using Brave are: “How to Encourage Hesitant Friends, Family to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine” which is the opposite information I need…

I chose “BRAVE” for the search engine not being a part of Google; but yet, everything google comes up…

I’m not paying for a search engine that gives the opposite information…

Does Brave have it’s own search engine?

This response and some of the responses that follow might be helpful: Brave must curate search results to supress regressive leftist propaganda that floods the top of the other search engines brave search scrapes, they must also start crawling the web themselves - #2 by Saoiray


@PBShort the post/comment that @cynical13 linked to probably would provide a lot of info that might help. So I won’t retype too much. What I’ll say is this:

  • Brave does have its own search engine.

  • You can use Goggles to rerank your results and to filter things out if you’d like.

The rest is linked to within the linked post. Which basically explains how search results are provided, how popularity of results matter, how “bias” can occur based on well placed tags and modifiers on sites, etc. I do highly recommend you go through those topics linked and try to look into Goggles a bit more.


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