Intermittent video autoplay on Android



Nothing huge. I just noticed that even though I have Autoplay blocked under Media settings, videos still sometimes start playing. I don’t visit a ton of sites on my phone, but I am on very often, as an example. It’s not every time I open a page with a video, but often enough.

Brave 1.0.24, Chromium 59.0.3071.125
Block Ads and Tracking enabled
HTTPS Everywhere enabled
Block Scripts disabled
Block 3rd party cookies enabled
Fingerprint Protection disabled

Android 7.0.0

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7


Edit: I think I just noticed the video is not actually started and playing, but is like a mini preview for a couple seconds that just repeats, almost like a gif. So maybe video autoplay blocked is fine.


Thanks for the update. Will close the thread. If you still face issues with autoplay please open a new thread so that we can investigate the issue


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