Interface and downloading 😐

I dont like this interface can you guys design a new interface…and i need option to add custom wallpaper in homepage (like web desktop version) and i need popup notification when i downloading something yk like “file started downloading” or something idk…and i would like if the browser have the extension installer like desktop version…(my english is kinda bad i hope you will understand this) thanks


You have made multiple Feature Requests:

  • Design a new interface
  • Option to add custom wallpaper in homepage (mobile devices)
  • Pop-up notification that is a progress message like “file started downloading”
  • Extension Installer (mobile devices)

You might want to delete your Original Post, above . . . and instead, create 4 new Feature Requests that each have their own poll / vote counter – so you provide members of the Brave Community, the opportunity to pick and choose.

Also, you need to provide specific details, re each Feature Request, in regard to:

Does the request pertain to Desktop, Mobile, or both?