Interesting and lot of learning to do

Am new around !!
been talking with the bot … very friendly bot !!am impress.
i really like what am seeing !!!
i am here for the long run !!!
still have two quick question !!
i earned some BAT and what if …or can i send the BAT i earned to an external BAT wallet ???
and i am not seeing the Star to bookmark a site …still searching !!!
anyway just talking with the bot and he say me to do something so here i am !!!
a big CHEERS to all of you guys !!! we are doing it right …i think !!!

Welcome to Brave Community @foofurious.

If you talking about free BAT from BAT grants (that have exp date), then you can’t withdrawal it. Because this BAT is mean to help Brave users try the Rewards system. If not used for 90 days, it’ll be sent back to UGP (User Growth Pool).

In the future, you can withdraw BAT that you earned from watching Brave Ads.

This one is for bookmark site.


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