Interaction with browser extensions causes the browser to crash

Description of the issue: July 16/2021 is the first the following problems have occured…Browser interaction with extensions will close down Brave as soon as login occurs the majority of the time. In the few cases where logging into an extensions is successful, once a webpage is interacting with the extension and confirmation of an action is required within the extension, the Brave browser will shut down once “confirm/accept” is clicked within the extension.

Steps to Reproduce: Open browser, click on extension, key in password to login to extension, as soon as the password is verified the entire browser closes. In the cases where login is successful, getting to the “confirm/accept” portion of extension authorization with current website and clicking confirm is enough to immediately crash the browser. Very few instances where I can actually login and successfully use the extensions.

Actual Result: Upon reopening the browser the message in the top right corner is displayed “Restore pages? Brave didn’t shut down correctly” with the option to click restore. Restoring will bring all the pages back up.

Reproduces how often: 80% of the time the browser will shut down upon logging into an extension. 10% of the time confirming an action that an extension must perform will cause the browser to shut down. 10% of the time login and extension actions are successful.

Operating System and Brave Version:
Linux, running Ubuntu.
Version 1.26.77 Chromium: 91.0.4472.164 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Pic posted below shows current Ubunto Software Center info regarding the Brave browser.
Ubuntu Software Center (Brave)

Additional Information: The exact same thing happens with my Chromium browser, if that matters at all.

Can you please tell me what specific extensions you see this behavior on?

I got the same problem. Happens with Metamask and CasperLabs Signer. Once I want to confirm the transaction, Brave shuts down completely and my transaction doesn’t isn’t confirmed. Got the same problem with Chrome.

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