Integrated BitWarden Support

This is a feature request for integrating BitWarden into Brave. This could replace the current password manager if the user desires to.

I mean this in a way to replace the current BitWarden Chrome extention. Brave itself has a way better detection system for when to save passwords, which combined with the storage and encryption of BitWarden would make all a bit more userfriendly

I just installed BitWarden the other day and was thinking that integration into Brave would be really nice. I 2nd the motion. All in favour? Ok then Brave, make it so!

I really thinks this would be great for the community, also, for security reasons. Bitwarden offers free open source password managing, and it’s very good at not cost at all. I would really like this to be added. Let’s go Brave!

From technicallity point can it be really be possible.
I think the in-built passowrd managers of all browsers save the passwords in your device. Compared to Bitwarden or other passowrd managers, it saves the passowrds in cloud.
If it is possible why did not other browser integrate external passowrd managers in their browsers.

Though, I second this idea. Not only bitwarden, but other password managers too like keypass etc.