Integrate interactive player

One of the most annoying thing is that broadcasting music from YT is interrupted as soon as you close phone cover. Device is operated by android. Smartphone has outer flip cover and can be closed like a book. Automatically screen is shutting down and all systems are suspended. Some systems run in memory.

However the music from the browser from youtube is also suspended. This is very undesirable behavior.
Make it so the music stream would be received and the playback wouldn’t stop. Then it’s very comfortable to do something and to listen to music with earphones. Energy is less used due to screen shut down.
On the same principle works VLC media player for android. It continues music playback when you close the phone flip cover.
In memory there should be player module that can keep the playback working. It’s the case on Chrome browser. But it works horribly wrong. Because stream is not received after longer play. Also you have to specifically press play button in order for playback not to be paused automatically. This sux.