Integrate I2P Network Functionality into Private Tabs


Brave allows its users to route connections in Private Tabs through Tor. However, I have issues with Tor receiving funds from the United States government.

I get that Tor is much “better” (hint: sarcasm) than I2P: it has been around longer (since 20 Sep 2002 versus I2P’s 2003 release) and is more heavily studied for vulnerabilities. But I2P is open source software written in Java, and has a C++ implementation (at the Purple I2Pd website).

Unlike Tor, every I2P user acts as a relay, thus increasing the security and throughput of the network. If all instances of the Brave browser included an I2P implementation, the I2P network would be much faster, and much more secure, and that benefits the Brave community too; it’s a win-win situation!

I2P is a very promising technology in need of more widespread support: it’s the forgotten sibling in the onion-routing tech race. Brave can give I2P the recognition and integration it needs.

I earnestly hope that the Brave team and community can bring this technology pairing to fruition.

Let the discussion begin!