Insufficient user privileges to install application (flash)



I have flash support enabled but I cannot install flash on my brave browser, it keeps telling me it has insufficient user privilege despite me even running it as an administrator. this seems to happen only on some sites as I have no problem running youtube or videos on facebook. I can’t even get the second stage of the flash install to happen unless I open the install button in a new tab it’ll then download the exe file for installation and it’ll seem to go well but then it always gives me the error at 67%


Could you please tell us how you are trying to install it? You need to install a specific version of Flash to be supported on Brave. Please have a look at this thread


i’m trying to install it through the brave browser through the settings I used the link but when i go to click on ‘install now’ it doesn’t want to seem to initiate the exe download unless I right mouse click on ‘install now’ and open it in a new tab, after that I run the exe as an administrator hoping it would give it enough permission but it still messes up at 67%

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