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… why not just port Brave over into the Chrome Web Store like Opera Developer did? Many of the extensions should work as is, am I not correct? Or are there certain extensions in the Chrome Store you’re trying to exclude from Brave?

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Many extensions do work when manually installed into Brave (see this blog post by Brave engineer Jon Sampson). However, not all of them do. Typically, the reason why an extension might fail to work fully with Brave is due to incompatibilities with Brave’s current “Muon” front-end (which is why extensions need to be individually ported). However, with Brave v1.0, Brave will be switching to a full Chromium front-end, and will consequently achieve full Chrome extension coverage.

Brian Bondy (CTO) explains:

In the current Brave desktop browser, we need to implement extension APIs and make them work with our UI. We’ve added support for various extensions in this way, but it’s a lot of work. In the new method we’ll have full extension API support and we’ll be able to support every Chrome extension. The Chrome extensions are still planned to come from our servers though and not from the Chrome Web Store.

In general, the team wants to vet extensions since hundreds of thousands of users have been infected by fake extensions found on the Chrome store. Based on the quote above, I believe the extensions that’ll be hosted on Brave’s servers will be trusted ones, and the team will start with the most popular extensions first.

However, there should also be an option to “hot load” extensions that are not hosted on the side as well. And the great thing is that with the new Brave v1.0, they will work fully!

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Good answer and thank you for it. I’m brand new to Brave, but I’m thinking the concept(s) show a lot of promise. Guess I will have to be patient and wait for 1.0.

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