Instapaper Extension


Since Pocket extension is integrated, i would love to also see an Instapaper extension.



Instapaper extension is already considered. Your request also updated here




it would be ok it they did this for those you use their site.


+1 Instapaper is better than Pocket.


New to all this, but its the first thing I add to a new Browser, loving Brave thus far, but a browser without Instapaper might be a genuine upset my end. Seriously though, so far I am a big fan, adding support to the Instapaper request.


Another Instapaper user here. If you add plug-ins for Instapaper and Evernote and fix the Duolingo audio bug, I could make Brave my primary browser!


Would also love to see this.


Would also love to see it too. Without Instapaper and Evernote, I’ll have tough time switching


Instapaper I need too. My way of bookmarking the sites I want to remember whereever I am.


+1 Instapaper please.


+1 on Instapaper. Please add!


I’ve found the Bookmarklet works just fine until there is an official extension.

Brave won’t let you drag it to the bookmark bar, but if you edit a bookmark on the bar and add the javascript as the URL it works perfect :slight_smile:


+1 : Instapaper WANTED!

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