Instant crashing on Android after enabling some flags

Description of the issue: After changing some flags the app can not be opened, it crashes instantly on launch

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. open brave://flags
  2. change options ‘Smooth scrolling’, ‘Freeze User-Agent request header’, ‘New Tab Page Demo Branded Wallpaper’, ’ New Tab Page Branded Wallpapers’ from ‘default’ to ‘enabled’
  3. apply/ confirm the changes

Expected result: App can not be opened and keeps crashing

Brave Version: 1.21.76 (latest)

Mobile Device details: Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro

**Additional Information: Clearing cache, restarting the device and sideloading the latest apk version did not solve the issue.
The device is not rooted so I’m not sure if it’s possible to access the files the app stores on the phone but maybe someone can point me to a rescue via developer options?

I know this was st*pid and entirely my fault for ignoring the clear warnings, I just hope to recover some of my data as I had not enabled sync and would loose quite some bookmarks and logins I have not saved to my desktop (plus 11 BAT but nvm them). The browser was working fine, I just had an issue with Brave Rewards where after March 3rd it suddenly stopped working all together and did not pass to Uphold too. I was frustrated with that as all stndard trouble shoots did not help, so when a friend suggested flags I scrolled though and enabled those two ‘New Tab’ ones and the other because they sounded reasonable.**

Thanks in advance for any response and best regards.

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Update: I had a hard reset which means all wiped now anyway.

It’s a shame no one has answered because all data is lost now and even though in my case it was completely self inflicted I still think it would be helpful for other unlucky souls to somehow get their data back up if their app is non responsive. Like I said I don’t know if that is even possible (without root mind you) but if you know a solution and are only now discovering this thread please feel free to let us know in the replies.

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