Installing Problem on Android - Whats the Minimun Android Version Required to Install Brave?


Hi @eljuno @chriscat Can you help me… My Community are reporting me that Brave can´t be installed on their Android Phone, even in Android 4.2.2… I search some information and in the PlayStore shows “Requires Android: Varies with device”… How can we be sure of whats devices are compatible and what devices are not, compatibility is based on processor version? A specific kernel version? what we need to see in order to know what devices are compatibles with Brave Android Browser?

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This is the message for Android 4.2.2… There are other way to install with an apk BUT that counts too for referral promo? somethink like Apk Mirror version or a special channel for people that are having this compatibility problem? @Mattches may be you can help there?



IIRC we support Android systems as early as v4.4 – sorry for any inconvenience!

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thanks bro, Dont Worry for invonvenience, its only that the information is not clear about that, thanks for solve it… other question what is IIRC?



Hey but play store say “Requires Android: Varies with device” why? any other requirement needed?

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IIRC = “if I recall correctly”

I believe that is simply referring to the fact that there may be some Android devices that are not supported.

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