Installing Brave on Linux



I’m trying to install Brave on my Linux machine.

I downloaded the .deb file from here:

Now I’m trying to make sense of this:

What do I use the apt signing key for?

When I run: sudo sha256sum brave_0.19.123_amd64.deb

I get: 2a7c5e240995a7b7d38b99ef35f020dc0b53651f6d4e68703025157ee09b1101

I didn’t find any mention of this checksum online. Do you provide the checksums for the files?

Thank you


I’m still trying to figure this out. I got the public key from here:
I do believe I still need a .sig file in order to verify the integrity of the file. Is this correct? It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help with this. Thank you.


Hi @ja4356,

Did steps mentioned here doesn’t help?

I’m not very familiar with Linux, so will cc-ing @sriram for additional help.


@ja4356 If you follow the link provided by @eljuno , you’ll see that the command curl | sudo apt-key add - adds the signed key first before adding the repository to Source List. You don’t have to explicitly copy the signing keys and run it.

Were you able to install based on the steps provided in the wiki?

Hope that helps.


@sriram Thanks for the reply. I just want to confirm that the brave_0.19.131_amd64.deb file wasn’t changed after the initial upload.

I already imported the signing key. I used this command: curl | sudo apt-key add -

Now I would like to confirm the signature of the brave_0.19.131_amd64.deb file. Where can I get the sig file (.asc)?

After I get that file I can run this command: gpg --verify brave_0.19.131_amd64.deb.asc brave_0.19.131_amd64.deb

The output should say “Good signature”

Can you please also provide me with the SHA-256 hash for brave_0.19.131_amd64.deb.

Thanks for the help.

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