Installer program wont run - Error code in body




I downloaded the Brave 64x download off of the website today. I tried to run it and got the following error:

"Unable to write to C:\ProgramData\jayma_000 - IT policies may be restricting access to this folder"

I have tried the following:

  • Disabled anti-virus and retried (failed)
  • Right-click run as admin (failed with same error)
  • Restarted my computer (failed same error)
  • Gave the program full control (failed same error)
  • I tried to download the x32 installer (failed same error)
  • Under properties selected ‘run as admin’ but this time it failed with a new error, which is as follows:

Please re-run this installer as a normal user instead of "Run as Administrator".

Please note that between each attempt I deleted the file, re-downloaded, and checked to make sure there was no “Brave” folder that was created. So each attempt was a clean slate

I checked the help forum to try to find a similar problem but found nothing the same. I tried some of the fixed found for them but none of those worked (see above).

If anyone has insight, please let me know. I appreciate, in advance, any help.

Thank you.

EDIT: To clarify I have just today installed another program on my computer in the same location


do you experience the issue yet?

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