Installer failed to uncompress archive



error message when installing new version

ran installer, after connection and download messages error message in title

continue to see this message despite repeated attempts

currently running Windows 7 Professional


Hi, after my last update there are (were) problems with Windows 7.
Which antivirus program and firewall do you use?

Update on Brave being flagged as malware (false positive) by Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kapersky Anti-virus, Windows Firewall


Have you ever tried to install Brave without Kaspersky? Recently there were problems with Kaspersky, that Brave was reported as an alleged virus.


How would I do that without uninstalling my anti-virus software? Kaspersky is a fairly well-known product; wouldn’t it be better for the Brave developers to make sure there wasn’t a conflict with something like this?

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