Installed Sites Unusable After Resetting to Default

Can’t open Youtube Music or Google Photos as installed apps after resetting to original defaults.

  1. Install Youtube Music or Google photos
  2. Reset to original defaults
  3. Try opening either app

Expected result: When apps are opened they will come up with a new tab

Brave Version: 1.2.43

Additional Information: I was able to install Chrome Remote Desktop after having the Reset and it has worked fine. This problem is specific to what I had installed before the reset.

Hi @copy1235, welcome to Community!

I need some clarification. What you say install Youtube Music or Google photos you’re referring to a downloaded piece of software and not the website, right? I ask this because you say:

What do you mean by new tab? Are you referring to a tab in the browser?

No I’m referring to when you install the website as an app, a PWA I think it is, I’m not sure if that is what it’s called for desktop Chomium browsers. The reason that I was talking about new tabs was because when I opened up the apps it came up with a Brave new tab. Sorry if you get this twice.

Have you tried deleting the apps and reinstalling them? And making sure to check Open as window?

The apps don’t even show up like they’re installed. I can see their shortcuts, when I go to their websites it asks me to install the app but I can’t do it.

Can I seen a screenshot of the shortcuts and the “install app” screen.

There’s a link to the pictures

Delete/uninstall all traces of the app and redo the download process. Also, update your browser to the latest version of Brave.
When you go to, instead of clicking the install button go to the menu in the top right and navigate to Create Shortcut...

After you Create Shortcut..., you’ll see this

From here you can tick the box to decide if you want the app to open as a window or as a browser tab. The app should open and then you can pin to your Dock/Taskbar.

Where can I find this shortcut?

After you make the shortcut, it should open, when it opens, pin it to your Dock/Taskbar.

There should be a folder called Brave Browser Apps that will have your shortcuts. The shortcut will also appear on your list of applications. This is for macOS, it may differ depending on your OS/Machine.

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