Installation is not taken into account, please understand

I am a webmaster and buy Google and Yandex ads on my sites.
Today I noticed that the data from my analysis systems and the data on publishers.basicattentiontoken page are very different.
I believe that the system is malfunctioning and does not see the installation.
Perhaps this is a short-term failure, before there were no significant differences in statistics.
I ask you to check, this is very important. I spend 2-3 dollars for each transition to som sites.
Here are screenshots of my stats and stats at publishers.basicattentiontoken

my stat (0.00-10.00 am MSK)

stat (0.00-10.00 am MSK)

As you can see, my statistics show 43 clicks on the install button, your statistics say that there was only 1 installation during this time !!!
Please check on your statistics systems and make an adjustment!
I would like to note that during these 10 hours I spent more than $ 70 on advertising.
My skype - tryalseo, if my help is needed, I am ready to provide various analytics data.

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If necessary, I will provide access to Google analytics and Yandex metrics

It can take time for install statistics to update and we’re currently working on a number of issues with the Rewards/Ads systems. Please hang in there while we diagnose :slight_smile:

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