"Install app" from "Private tab"

I’m enjoying the pseudo “web apps” functionality, eg being able to make pseudo apps.

What I’d like is the ability to “Install app” from a “Private tab”, or otherwise sandbox a pseudo app from other browser instances.

Why do I want this? If it’s implemented correctly, and private tabs are sandboxed from each other, then I can have multiple pseudo apps for multiple logins to services. eg, 2x Gmail “apps” each logged in to a different account.

I also find it useful to have 2x instances of map apps (eg Google Maps), one of which that allows location access, and one of which that does not allow location access.

Ideally, each “app” should have individual control over cookies, and other settings.

I think it’s actually this way by default, but I’m not sure.

What’s the default?

As of now, and I’m testing this with the “Nightly” version:
1- Open a “Private tab”
2- Sign in to Gmail
3- Open another “Private tab”
4- Go to “accounts.google.com
5- In the 2nd tab, you’re already logged in to Google

This indicates that private tabs are not sandboxed from each other. This would make it impossible to use two “private” “web apps” logged in to different accounts on the same service, eg one web app for “Gmail Acct One” and another web app for “Gmail Acct Two”.

Also, from a private tab, there’s no option to “Add to Home screen”, so I can’t create a “web app” from a “private tab”.

I mean I’m pretty sure that if you install a web app on your home screen without being in private mode, it will be sandboxed from the rest of the browser

Seems like no.


1- Open a new tab
2- Open Gmail
3- Log in to Gmail
4- “Add to Home screen”, ie create a pseudo app
5- Test that the newly created Gmail pseudo app works as expected
6- Go back to Brave
7- Clear cookies and site data
8- Open the Gmail pseudo app (notice the tab menu, on the bottom)
9- The Gmail pseudo app is logged out
10- Log in to the Gmail pseudo app
11- Open Brave
12 - Notice that Gmail is one of the tabs showing
13- Open a new tab, within the Brave app, and go to Gmail
14- You’re already logged in, courtesy of the Gmail pseudo app

Tested with both “normal” and nightly versions.

It seems that the pseudo apps are NOT sandboxed from the main browser at all.

It might only sandbox Progressive Web Apps (Apps that have an “Install” button instead of “Add to home screen”)