Instagram Profile Page Loads Briefly then Breaks

This one is funky, and I’m not sure what’s going on.

The problem:
Accessing my instagram profile on Brave is failing… but only partially.

The Home, Messages, Browse, and Notifications buttons all work correctly.
Clicking the profile button (far right), however, loads my profile very briefly but then takes me to this page:

I can even access my account settings and switch accounts. I cannot access profile or saved.

In other words, if I go to myusernamegoeshere (i.e. my personal page), I see my page briefly but then it immediately kicks over to “this page isn’t available” (pictured above).The page is accessible from other browsers, private tabs, etc. My account is still active and not banned.

As soon as I log in from a private tab the page breaks again.

Brave is up to date. I tried resetting cookies, site permissions, plugins off (even uninstalled), shields up, shields down, cleared all browser data, and finally a fresh brave install. Still no luck after the fresh install.

I can successfully sign in to a second account in the same browser and access both pages correctly. It’s like my brave browser is blocking one very specific page from one very specific login.


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That is…very strange. I honestly have no idea what it could be after seeing this:

I definitely would have thought it would be resolved by clearing your browsing data/cache and/or when extensions were disabled or uninstalled. I’m wondering if maybe you accidentally blocked something using the built-in content filter – can you go to brave://adblock and check to see if anything is listed in the Custom filters section?

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Adblock custom filters are completely empty and all boxes are un-checked.
Site Permissions / Settings have been cleared, reset, set to allow everything, etc. as well.
Setting the browser to a mobile device via Page Source / f12 doesn’t work either.
Still no luck.

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Thank you for checking.
Can you try going to your Instagram profile and opening the dev tools console and sharing any output you see here (Menu --> More tools --> Dev tools --> [Console])? A screenshot of the console window would be just fine.

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Does show? Or in private window mode?

Stories work correctly.
The only two pages sitewide which don’t work are the Profile page and the Saved page (which I think is just a tab of the profile page).

In private window mode, try to login again. Does it show?

Tested - Yes it shows.

  1. Logged in via private window.
  2. Story showed correctly. Home page loads correctly.
  3. Profile Page “isn’t available” (logged in - private tab).

Weird additional update:
In the ~half second the page loads correctly, I can actually click on images and their individual destination pages load correctly.
I.E. I can quickly click a photo and it’ll take me to that page. Wait too long, though, and the page kicks over to the “page isn’t available” error again.

In other words, the page is loading correctly for a split second, then changing to the error page.

Latest Update: Other users are reporting similar issues (on Reddit). It’s possible Instagram is doing some A/B testing and we’re on a bad test.

Final update - all pages working correctly.
This was all on Instagram testing things on certain user-groups.
Not a Brave issue, but big thanks to you guys for looking into it.

TL;DR - Just had to wait for Instagram Corp to fix the mess they made.

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