Instagram not working properly in Brave

When accessing any instagram profile of any user, Instagram displays a “page not found” error on Brave browser exclusively (working on any other browser). Help

Tengo el mismo problema, Brave es una basura.

Hello @paradox11, thank you for reaching us out. Have you tried by enabling /disabling some shield options or deleting cookies and cache? Are you using any kind of extension? If so, please try to disable them.

On your computer, open Brave.
At the top right, click Menu More tools Extensions.
On to the extension you want to remove, click Remove.

Besides, you can try in incognito/private window and let us know if the issue persists.


I’m having a problem ig downloader Instagram Reels video doesn’t load videos on Brave. I tried clearing the browser cache, but it didn’t work.

Thanks but I tried every option. Disabling extensions is not an option for me, as I need them in my daily activity. Issue persists in incognito as well.

Yeah same for me. Also happens with whatsapp, twitter embedded links and lots more.

Hello @paradox11, thanks for replying! More specifically try by enabling and disabling the option that says Block scripts under Shields> Advanced controls

Besides that, please read this article so you can find different solutions for that particular error message:

Hope it helps. Regards.

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