Instagram integration with Wix bricks the site in Brave?


Hey everyone, been pretty quiet lately! I believe I’ve found a major bug either with Wix sites or with Brave as this site completely bricks upon certain interactions. If you scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on the instagram photos on the left side, the whole site bricks for me. I can’t click on anything but I am able to scroll and move on to a different site where it isn’t bricked.

I’m not affiliated with the site having this issue (in fact I’m actually developing for a competitor but oh well), but if this is an issue with all Wix sites using the similar API he used, I would be worried about how it looks for Brave. I’ve checked on Google Chrome and the site functions correctly, but it brings up a new “window” in the site so it seems Brave is blocking this. With Shields down the site functions perfectly normal so I hope this shouldn’t be much more than a filter required.

Hope to see this fixed as we’re getting really close to an adoptable browser! I saw the news today about the next MAJOR update coming to Brave and while it’s a bit sensationalized, the project is really coming together and I’m happy to see it!


Adjusting the shield settings to ‘Allow all cookies’ seems to resolve the problem for me. What about you @Chugwig?



Worked perfectly! Does this mean the solution is to allow cookies on these sites, or is it still considered something worth “fixing”.

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