Inserting ASCII or Unicode symbols into text field

Typing in a text field in a web site. Let’s say writing a tweet. Is there a way to directly insert an ASCII or unicode symbol into the text. E.G. my keyboard is set to English by default, but if I wish to inset a foreign symbol with a circumflexed accent or umlaut directly as I type is there a method or extension to allow this?

You can always enter the ASCII or unicode code

Another way is to change the language of your keyboard. but then you need to know which key corresponds to each character.
For instance, Windows allows you to configure multiple keyboard languages. Switching between them is easy in the taskbar.

A virtual keyboard is also an option. You can have a look at the different extensions available. The problem with extensions is that they only work in the browser. You cannot use it in other apps

That’s for the reply. The first doesn’t work in a browser, but that is exactly the sort of thing I am after. The others are no better than cut and pasting the character.

Yes, it works in any browser. That’s what I use mostly.

Here I completely disagree. It is much faster to switch keyboard and type than copying pasting every single accented character. Let’s say you configure your machine to have keyboards in English and French. You just switch to French, you type your text and switch back to English when not needed. Switching is as fast as 2 mouse clicks.

Just to give you an idea, this is what I have in Windows 10 and how easy is to switch just by clicking on it.


It doesn’t work in the Brave browser in Linux. But thanks for your ideas.

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