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What does new users can only post two links mean? I haven’t posted anything yet. Why does title have to have 15 characters? why don’t you use a standard forum layout so we know where everything is? don’t be so kool-n-trendy as this only results in being strange and indecipherable. Please shut off auto-scrolling - it is horrendous and annoying. Make auto-scroll default OFF. Why can’t we turn this off in settings? Can we please just set a default ALWAYS ALLOW FULL SCREEN AND NEVER ALLOW AUTO RUN - once and for all time instead of every time I load the browser?

I think BRAVE is tremendous. Superb! I use Beta daily instead of Firefox which is getting dangerous as they gradually cut off ad-blocking, anti-tracking and security extensions. My YT will not even resolve in FF because I block ads. I am willing to make small donations, but never watch ads. I do not allow advertising in any form in my life - I do not talk to robots, etc.

I never use tabs if i can possibly avoid it - could we have a NO TAB version of brave? I use these things call BOOKMARKS - I know this is a alien concept but that’s how we roll.

I use BRAVE in SandboxE for double security. I never want “convenience” "vestiges left behind, only my permanent settings and bookmarks. Never remember previous tabs, or sites or passwords or “recently used or opened” anything, etc. Scrub it clean every time its shut down so i don’t have to do it manually.


Auto-scrolling? What version of Brave are you using? I haven’t had any case of auto-scrolling.

All, if not most, browsers have tabs so I don’t see a no-tab version of Brave in the future. In my experience of using Brave, clicking on a bookmark will open the webpage on the current tab that’s open instead of creating a new tab altogether. I don’t see why you need more than that.


Reason to have it explain is to avoid asking for details again and again. If the post is descriptive enough then it becomes easy for anyone to assist.

You can use github to log isues if you have all the necessary details. You can log here

You can set Full screen to always allow and videos to always ask.

Not sure what auto-scroll feature you are mentioning about. Could you capture a screenshot or record a gif image of it and share so that it becomes easy to troubleshoot.

Not sure if there is any advantage of making use of only one tab? Is this feature available on other browsers?

You can always use a Single Private tab as everything is only persistant for that session. If you are using normal tabs then you can enable these things to be cleared upon exit so that you don’t have to manually do it yourself.


I’m using Beta 0.18.23 - I’ve checked for updates but none as yet (about 6 wks use).

For some reason I have a constant battle trying to suppress auto-scrolling. I know some browsers have a setting which I always turn off. I don’t know why it keeps invoking auto scroll. It happens when i use the scroll wheel or just click on a link or …? Very much more aggravating in Brave than any other browser I have used.

I don’t expect a NO TAB version of brave. Just give users the option to have a new window or a new tab by default without having to find the “OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW” selection.

I realize there is a browser cult that measures its masculinity by the number of tabs they have open, draining resources and allowing scripts to do who knows what in background. I have thousands of Bookmarks. i know where they are, and I use a tool bar in firefox with all my daily research and news sites. Could you replicate the tool bar approach as an alternative to the ridiculous cult of open tabs?

I can not find a way to populate the tool bar (the space below the URL field). Perhaps there is and I haven’t found it. It is that blank space above the page window that says “imported from”… that I click on to activate my bookmarks imported from Firefox.

When I imported my bookmarks it did not replicate the “bookmarks tool bar”.

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