Information for users connected to ZebPay

Ah, ok. Strange though App shows 99. Anyway, I meant this-


Matic is 30 INR though.

I see. Thanks Aman. Man, you’re awesome!

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This also means if we dont transfer our bats from brave wallet to zebpay wallet , we wont be able to win 50 Bats from them

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@Aman_M @SmartyAadi bro, just tell me one thing can i accumulate bat in my brave wallet for over 90 days. and when i have a good amount of bat i may transfer them to zebpay wallet and then withdraw them with the fee of 15 inr(am i right). so by using this method i think we can ignore the membership fees?

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@SmartyAadi @Sidd here is the answer on zebpay, read faq number 5.
but it will not clear from the brave’s side. please anyone find about it.

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Yes that’s right you will get upto 90 days to transfer it if you turn on Auto sweep in Zebpay which will automatically transfer the BAT balance into Zebpay once every 90 days

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See, from Zebpay side they won’t have issues letting you connect infinite number of Brave rewards profiles. But Brave will block the connection if the system detects a lot of devices alrwsdy connected. No issues upto 5 or 6 I guess. No official number upto which devices can be connected.

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how many have you connected ? i am on 4 , thinking about 5th one , Do let me know if anyone connects 5 or more and if you get banned or not :slightly_smiling_face: :melting_face:

I am on 3 devices or at the most 4.
Not gonna try it for you man​:joy::joy:. What if I get flagged? Lol.

I have connected Gemini to 5 rewards profiles back then with no issues.

Was just asking if anyone try to :pinched_fingers:. You tried 5 with gemini so thanks for that info :+1:. 5 it is :relieved:

jeez 5 devices I can only go up to 2 devices, btw when we are getting rewards on zebpay

No clue when it’s arriving for users. Most likely gonna be slower since it’s the 1st payout.

i am on 6 devices and still all working fine somehow . i think more than this will be a trouble invitation

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I connected only 3 profiles and this showed up:

its not because of no. of devices , its because some of your activity triggered the fraud detection system

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Yes, @Kay146 is right. You will need to raise a ticket at

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But I did nothing except connecting brave with Zebpay after seeing the alert that I will lose all BATs after 31st Oct. How could it possibly trigger the fraud detection system ?

profile pehle hi flag hojati h bass pata jab chalta h jab zebpay se connect karte h . Ajeeb hi detection system h bhai inka

Has anyone received September’s payout on their Zebpay wallet? How long would it take to credit?

@Saoiray @SmartyAadi
Great support