Information about the new brave reward system?

For months I wanted to make a video talking about brave for the Latin community but from one moment to another the countries that Uphold supports and the ad system changed so I would not want to give wrong information, can someone explain to me how it goes now?

For example, before there were 4 image ads and 6 notifications per hour, and now how?

@g00z I think I keep mixing this up and telling people wrong. You’ve been down the rabbit hole and back. You mind fielding this one? lol


Hey, folks

There are three kind of ads. The limits are…

Push notification ads:
10 per hour (up to 1 every 6 minutes)
100 per day (virtually impossible to achieve)

Inline content ads (cards on Brave News):
12 per hour
60 per day

Sponsored image ads (new tab background image):
4 per hour (up to 1 every 15 minutes for versions 1.42.xx +)
20 per day


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