Infinity load on new tabs for bookmarks (Brave on MacOS)

Hi! I’m running Brave versión 1.64.116 on the latest MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1.

When I open a bookmarks folders with some tabs on it and I get the ‘Are you sure you want to open X tabs?’ I usually see them trying to load but stuck on an “infinity load”, so I can see the names and an animated circle arrow on the tabs but get a blank non-loading page. If I hit reload or Enter on the URL bar they load OK.

It’s funny this happens on some bookmark folders but not others: some with 20 or 30 load OK, then another one with 17 does not load and another with 50 doesn’t.

I have tried to delete cookies, caches, updating everyting, deactivating “hardware acceleration” and deactivating some plugins, to no avail. There is enough space on my HD, but from time to time the icons (bookmarks bar and sidebar) also doesn’t load (and I can only see the initial letters). I have seen may questions about this but no definite answer. Idon’t want to delete an reinstall everything, any ideas?