Indonesia User get reward now?


user from indonesia now can get rewards ? or still cannot ?
if we cant use wallet, can we use localhost wallet ? to transfer? to our other wallet ?

Hey. If you had connected Gemini to your profile before region unsupported error, you can reconnect it back.

oh my god… i forgot my credential.

so, new user cannot get rewards with brave ?

Yes, if you want to connect new profile, you can connect only after the region is supported.

so where is the reward will be saved ? on browser internal wallet ?

check your emails. there you must be getting a verify device email. From there you can check what email you had used

i will try that…
and how about new user/ fresh user.

is there ant solution to get the rewards ?
brave internal wallet ? can use it to strore the BAT then transfer to 3rd party wallet ?

or no any option except gemini uphold ?

Can’t connect till regional support is restored.

Not right now. They’re working to get this in Q2 / Q3 2023. you would still need to connect to custodial partner to move BATs out of Brave. Sending BAT in Brave wallet will just make sure you dont lose BATs when reinstalling Brave and have it saved on cloud

thankyou for your answer
i have already test
and i can register using but not verified yet. because im not upload my data. can be use for indonesia ?

NO. Its only for people in Japan. You won’t even get a option of verifying with BitFlyer since you’re from Indonesia.

i see…

so i cant use brave right now (of course i use brave only to get rewards :smiley: )

how about internet brave wallet ?
can the reward stored there ?

You can keep earning BATs. You will earn BATs. The only thing is you just can’t withdraw them out yet. Once the region is restored for support, you can get all the BATs in Uphold/Gemini

Yes, in the Rewards wallet.

roger that…


i hope my country will get support soon :slight_smile:

once again. thank you for your explanation

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No problem. Im glad that I could help you!

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