Individual Creators on Any Site

It seems that currently, BAT payments have to be integrated with each site by the developers of Brave individually, e.g. YouTube and Twitch. This seems really slow and requires a lot of work, and I think the BAT ecosystem would really grow if any individual creator on any site could sign up for BAT donations. Artists and creators on DeviantArt, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook,, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. could all benefit from this, since Patreon is pretty prevalent among those groups and BAT could replace Patreon as the go-to, especially if there are fee hikes.

I think it would work really well if a user could donate to someone through Brave payments via viewing their profile on such sites. There could also be a slider in Brave payments for individual creators like there currently is for websites, or a donate button/link creators could put on their profile page for people to donate with.

Another good UX concept would be to let people donate to people without needing to directly buy BAT. It’s pretty easy to buy BAT in the Brave wallet, but it would be even easier if, when a user clicks on a donate link, they can pay in fiat there and that money would automatically be converted to the appropriate amount of BAT and sent to the creator’s wallet. This would also help with adoption of the BAT system in other browsers, where there is no BAT wallet integrated into the browser.

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