India crypto ban effect on BAT?

Does anything know anything about this? Someone from India was just asking me because crypto is banned there. But i see India is one of the countries that was just enabled? Are users in India able to earn and withdraw BAT?

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Hi @jmbsol,

Thanks for writing in! Our Brave Ads program is supported in India, and you can earn BAT from viewing Ads, as well as through our referral program -

Last year around april RBI issued a virtual ban on cryptocurrency issuing a notice to Indian banks that prohibits banks and financial institutions from providing digital currency-related services
peer to peer trading is not banned
Wazirx Bitbin to name a few that do peer to peer trading i.e withdrawal
Nov 19 Supreme court is set to have its next hearing
To recieve BAt tokens in india one needs to have a verified uphold account
Brave sends accumulated bat in creators page and brave rewards to uphold on fixed dates
yes one can recieve bat and also withdrawal is possible

Yes you can earn BAT in India including buy sell crypto in India with person to person method.

What is the update after the Nov 19 hearing?


Sir , If holding and cryptocurruncy got banned what we would do that BAT.
i request you to give the payout in PayPal

will brave still be available in india after the proposed crypto ban ?
and will it be illegal to hold BAT in uphold after the ban ?