Incredibly blurry text



Hey guys, and thanks for checking in!

I wanted to inquire about something that Recently (about a week now) started happening.

Brave always Kind of blurred text but for about a week now it started doing it more often and blurring it considerably harder. It also started blurring pictures and icons.
It does not even blur the entire page but rather a Portion of the screen.
it literally flickers on and off.
It gets sharper once I point my mouse Cursor at a blurry text / zone it but immediately becomes blurry again.

My system: Windows 10 64 bit Enterprise.
Up-to-date Brave browser.
Basic protection software (Anti-virus, firewall, anti malware).
Other apps that I will list if relevant.

Ryzen 7 1800x
Gtx 1080ti
MSI X370 XPower Titanium
32 gb of ram
Net card, external and internal sound card, AIO cooling etc’

Changes I did recently:
Tweaked the nVidia control panel.

Things I did, to try and solve it, that did Not help:
I undid those changes and reset to default.
I tried setting the preference to Performance.
I tried setting it to Quality.
I tried customizing them on my own.
I reset the pc and reinstalled Brave.
I calibrated ClearType from windows.
I turned ClearType off completely.
I checked that the drivers are all up to date (both Windows and nVidia).
Checked the screen and PC cables for connectivity issues.

I see that this user had a similar issue but his issue was never solved:

Hope anyone has a solution for this because I love the browser but this makes it really a pain to use :<

P.S: Added a screenshot from Witcher 3 wikipedia page as an example.
Note that even the Downloads bar is blurry.

P.P.S: The Spoiler function in this forum looks exactly like the blur I get everywhere else heh.


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