Increase font size with window auto-resizing?


Tried the Android version of Brave on my LG V10. Luv the speed, clean look etc…but, miss a huge feature on Dolphin Browser: the ability to increase/decrease font size, and have the open window re-size, so that the adjusted font is entirely within the margins. Dolphin also offers the ability to change font size universally.

Being 60 years-old, and farsighted, this is an important feature for any default browser on my smartphone.

I couldn’t find anything on the web regarding this on Brave…and, while using it, the closest I could find was doing a ‘pinch-zoom’; but, that was simply increasing the window…and, meant that I had to keep scrolling left-right-down, in order to read all the text that was now out of the margins.

Does Brave have the ability to do this?


@madmanmoose we don’t have that feature currently and we are going to work on UI improvements but some time later. We are working on sync currently and critical privacy features.

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