Increase clarity that downloaded files can be opened with double click


When I migrated from Chrome to Brave, I was used to single-clicking a downloaded file to open that file with the default viewer. This behavior is not present in Brave. Mousing over the downloaded file reveals a menu of options, but none of these options are to open the file. For my first two weeks of using Brave, I assumed it was not possible to open a downloaded file directly from this menu, so I used the “Open Folder Path” option and opened it from my Windows Explorer. Only after doing some digging did I realize that it is actually possible to just double-click the file. Knowing this now, I think this is better behavior than Chrome, since it could actually save you from accidentally opening a file you did not want to open, especially if the file was a security hazard. Still, it would be nice if it was clearer that you can double click to open.

My proposal is that just like a file in a file manager changes to a selection color when single clicked, the download changes to a selection color when single clicked. This might make it more intuitive that a double click would open.

Thanks for the consideration.