Incorrect Time/Time Zone/DST Detected in Citrix

I frequently log into a remote VM for my job. I go to our company’s Citrix Web Portal, sign in, and launch my VM using the “light version” of Citrix, aka the HTML5 based web client that works directly in the browser (I don’t install/use the external full Citrix Receiver client application).

When I sign into my remote Windows 10 VM, the time zone is incorrectly set to “Mountain Time” when my local PC is set to “Arizona” as it should be. The web site is supposed to pass through the time zone from my local PC to the remote VM. So, everything is off by an hour. I have to manually change my time zone in my remote VM every time I sign into it from Brave. This issue does not occur on other browsers.

Side note: Arizona, while “technically” is in Mountain Time, it does not recognize Daylight Saving Time (with the exception of the Navajo on tribal land) and in Windows we have our own time zone listed as “Arizona” that adjusts accordingly/correctly.

I’m wondering if this is due to an issue with Fingerprinting Protection? I know that in Firefox I can go into about:config and change a setting there that disallows web sites from detecting my time zone. When I enabled that setting once before, I had the same problem but Firefox would default to Eastern Time in my remote VM. This would only be a problem 6 months out of the year when ya’ll mess with your clocks, but until next month or this is fixed, I’ll have to manually adjust my time zone every time I sign in for half the year.

EDIT: I do turn off all Brave shields first when signing in to the web portal. Also, I just tried changing the setting to Allow all fingerprinting in Settings but issue still occurs.

No responses from anyone yet on this bug. I’m not sure how I can get this “bumped”. @Mattches Going to try to reach out to you.

Sorry this slipped through the cracks. I’m not sure tbh, fingerprinting is a likely culprit.
Let me ask around and see what I can dig up. Appreciate your patience.