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I´m not being paid correctly. The number of BATs earned by ads doesn´t match with the payment made. Any idea what is happening? Or

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I’ve the 3 versions of the Brave browser and in each of them the amount of BAT shown is different. It seems to be that the only who has the correct amount is the nightly version, but it still doesn’t match with my uphold account. I’m quite sure I’m not being well paid, cause the browsers say I’v earned 5.25BAT for watching ads , I have claimed it in the browser, and I’ve only received 0.5 BATs to my uphold account. Hope you can help me.

Every browser/profile has his own wallet, to this point that seems ok

When did you started using brave rewards?

I have every browser anchored to the same uphold account, so it should be the same amount of BAT in every of them.
I’ve been using Brave for a year aprox, and I’ve never had an issue with payment but now.

then is posible you are suffering from this bug, Bat not porting to uphold

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I have updated every browser to the latest version, and I have disconnected and connected from my uphold account, but nothing happens. This is excatly what is happening, I attach a screenshot with the amount of BAT in every Brave browser i´m using.
The correct amount of BATs according to my sum is 48.968, but is not the same in each of them.
If you need any further information, please make me know.

go to brave://rewards-internals from every one of your pc/profiles and check for this:

the wallets working properly should look like that

This is what I get when I check the link you send me for every browser. Picture attached
There are 4 BATs and 4.25 BATs missing and I´m not sure when I am receiving it.
Thanks again for answering my questions.
I wait for reply.

they are not really missing, the thing is that they were not sent to your uphold account and are still in your local wallets.

… you had to claim them? wasn’t your 3 wallets all verified?

Yes, my wallet is verified in every browser, but by the day 6 it appear a button “Claim your rewards”, and usually a couple of days after that, the BATs are added to my uphold account, but this time it wasn´t like that, I claimed 5.25 and I received 0.5.

that’s the thing, a verified wallet should not show you a “claim” button, the payment should be done automatically

But it says verified wallet in every of them. And it is the same wallet, it is not a different wallet for browser.
Then what do you suggest?


I think that the wallets’ connection with uphold wasn’t working properly, the external wallet info could had give you some idea but since you already disconnected/re-connected them we can’t really know.

let @Mattches take a look at this.

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It seems to be that It´s happening to me since last month cause I remember this is not my first time I have had to claim. And of course I´ve not received the payment. I thought that could be an temporary error but this month happened again.


Can you please send me a DM with the wallet payment IDs from the brave://rewards-internals page? Please copy and paste them if you don’t mind and please send the ID for each installed browser.

Hi, I´m not sure you have received my last message.
I´m sending it again.
These are my three ID paymets from every wallet
Hope you can help.

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