Incorrect/partial payout amount?


I got an email about an hour ago from Uphold showing that I received a deposit of 48.76 BAT:

This seemed lower than the balance I remember seeing online so I logged in to the publishers site and the numbers don’t make a lot of sense:

You can see a few weird things about this:

  • The balance is 81.07, which is lower than the last time I looked, but should have been zero after a payout
  • The ‘last deposit date’ is July 07, which is in the future (tomorrow!)
  • The last deposit amount is 167.18, which is not the same as the amount actually transferred (48.76)
  • The ‘next deposit date’ is ‘July 8th’

So it’s all a bit of a mess. I do not recall what my balance was a few days ago, but I think it was about 120-130 BAT, which is about what you get if you add the actual Uphold deposit to the balance shown.

Is the ‘next deposit date’ correct? Will there be another deposit on the 8th which will fix this?


cc @asad for more info about this. :slight_smile:


Hi @mousetrapper,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’ve reached out to the engineering team and will have some more answers for you shortly. I would imagine that the next payout will fix this, but I’m going to check and see what might be causing this anyway.


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