Incorrect member donations of BAT to creator / publisher are reflected in wallet

Incorrect member donations of BAT to creator/publisher account are reflected in my wallet. I’ve sent myself 30 BAT from my mobile device to my creator account in increments of 10 BAT each time and the Uphold wallet shows, 9.5, 2.1, and 1.5. Why?

From what I’ve read this does not in any go against policies. I have operated my website for 7 years and do not have ads of any sort on it. Nor do I use the Creator account for anything other than receiving member tips (i do not have it associated with any browser and all funds go to my main accounts associated wallet) The mobile browser does not allow for anyone to transfer funds from their phone to their Uphold account so I am doing this only as a way to shift BAT from my mobile device to my main account until Brave provides a solution. I am looking forward to putting this to work for me as a way of supporting my website but I need to know it works first and right now it looks like it doesn’t.

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