Incorrect keyboard shortcut

It looks like some shortcuts on macOS are tied to the system settings and unfortunately there does not appear to be any way around this without a [surprisingly] fair amount of work. The way it works (as I understand it) is basically that if there is a shortcut on the macOS Menu bar, then it is tied to the system settings.

I thought that if I perhaps changed what the shortcut was set to in macOS (via, then I’d be able to remove the old one in the browser (or set another command to it) but unfortunately, the original Cmd + Shift + C shortcut remains and still cannot be removed. It also appears to override any other action set to that shortcut (for example, I set “Open Guest Window” to Cmd + Shift + C, but the shortcut still opened dev tools).

Will dig a bit further on this to see if there is any other solution but so far it does not appear to be possible.