Incorrect domain blocking

We are a Saas company named “Carrot quest”, and we are creating a communication platform for marketing and sales teams.

Our service gives a lot of opportunities for the customers and business to communicate:

  • Online live chat for support and onboarding
  • Trigger chatbots for lead qualification
  • Trigger pop-up for collecting contacts or offers from business, based on user behavior (no third-party offers, only your site — your offers)

Our script launches with, and it’s split into two parts:

  1. Domain is used to record events and properties of site visitors. Messages are triggered based on them. We have deliberately separated this domain from the others so that blocking services can exclude it and stop data tracking and launching any trigger messages.
  2. Domains carrotquest. io, carrotquest. app, files.carrotquest. io - with their help, we launch a live chat for support, and there is no data tracking, except for the history of dialogues. By blocking it, our service (and site owner) loses the ability to answer users’ questions.

We understand that some users want their actions on the site not to be tracked in any way, and we respect their desire. But we do not want the quality of the services to diminish, and the support channel to desapear.

So there is a way to exclude domains carrotquest. io, carrotquest. app, files.carrotquest. io from the blacklist?

No need to re-create your thread, @fanboynz will take a look whenever he has the opportunity. has been blocked in Easyprivacy since 2018, but have adjusted the tracking block too and not the whole domain. Give it 24-48hrs for the update to roll out. @CarrotQuest

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