Inconspicuous but very annoying bug on video playing

I was suffering from some almost imperceptible noise like grasshopper does when playing video on I changed my speakers, changed mini jack to HDMI and so on. But nothing helped me for the last year. And now I discovered that there is no such noise when playing on Chrome…
It can be reproduced by playing any video on

**Expected result:no such noise

**Brave Version( check About Brave):Release Notes V1.22.71 (Apr 1, 2021)

**Additional Information:*quad core q9450 windows home 10 x64 *

Hello @timonhost

try to disable all extension and try to use private mode and see if it work fine or not

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Just have tried. The bug is still here) I just can’t use Brave anymore due to this issue ( As this happens not only on this site, but everywhere when playing video.

could you go to menu then create new profile and close the any other window and then check if you have the same issue with that new profile

I discovered one more thing. After a while using Chrome I faced the same bug there too… So, there is some problem in Chrome core I guess.

thanks for that info and you could be right

did you tried to search for solution or that issue for chrome maybe you get something that help

It seems to me, that the reason is somewhere in low capacity or speed of ddr… I have got ddr2 6 gb on my potato computer. I guess, after some critical capacity of memory been used, it began to bug like this. Will try another browsers and tell you about results.

вс, 11 апр. 2021 г., 21:49 justsomeone1 via Brave Community <>:

do you mean if there was enough memory brave work fine with out issue?

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