Inconsistent expand/collapse behavior for bookmark toolbar folders

This specifically applies to the folders in the bookmark bar because, apparently, you can have other bookmark folders showing in the bar that aren’t technically part of the bookmark bar (will explain later)?

Anyway, in the bookmark bar, clicking a folder drops down the contents as expected. However, collapsing the folder exhibits strange behavior. To collapse it, you have to click the mouse on the folder icon very quickly. If you hold for just a split second too long, the folder drops back down.

Now to explain why I draw precise distinctions between the Bookmark bar and Other bookmarks. Collapsing the other bookmarks folder behaves exactly the way I would expect, collapsing regardless whether the mouse click is quick or held for a split second.

I think the expand/collapse behavior should be consistent across all expandable objects, behaving like the hamburger menu icon which registers any click as an instruction to toggle the state of the collapsible regardless of the hold duration of a click.

Not Bob!

I’m not entirely sure I know what you mean exactly. Bookmarks folders all collapse and expand as expected

You’ll see a few times in that gif where my mouse seems to just sit there for a second - this is me intentionally holding down the mouse button to see if your claim about the folder dropping back down.
If you have something reproducible let me know.

It’s not the ones in the manager, but the actual bookmarks bar itself. Sorry, including both in my screenshot probably confused things a bit.

Edit: In my screenshot, collapsing the Imported from IE folder exhibits slightly different behavior than collapsing the Other bookmarks folder.

I can try on my Windows machine later but I’m not seeing any odd behavior

I notice that you’re hovering the mouse around which causes expanded items to auto-collapse when the mouse leaves. Try actually clicking the folder icon again to collapse it rather then just moving the cursor away.

BTW, what are you using to screencap your movements? Seems like a tool I could use.

The arrows on the bookmarks bar don’t collapse the tree. They just expand. So clicking on it in that view doesn’t do anything. Let me know if you find something more tangible to reproduce and I’ll happily help test it.

RE: screen recording: I have two tools, one is the Screencastify extension which, if I’m being completely honest, isn’t all that great. I also have LICEcap.I like how easy it is to control and adjust:

I like LICEcap, thanks. Demonstrated in my cap are the two separate behaviors, though it’s hard to see just by looking at it.

In this one, I am expanding the folder and then successfully collapsing it with a quick/instant click on the folder icon (you gotta be lightning fast). Notice the length of time between collapse and expand to demonstrate that it successfully collapses before the next expand.

In this one, after expanding, I use a long click (click and hold) on the folder icon. This causes the folder to expand immediately upon collapse.

It does not exhibit this behavior with the Other bookmarks folder which, while visibly showing in the bookmark bar, seems to be a sibling of the bookmark bar if the bookmark manager view is an accurate representation of the entity/object/data model.

Good! We love gifs - great for troubleshooting!

Unfortunately I still don’t see the behavior you’re seeing. I switched over to my Windows machine to see if it was OS specific but clicking on any bookmarks folder anywhere works as expected on my end:

It seems that you are reproducing the issue during that rapid succession of expands and collapses of the Imported (1) folder. Seems like you did a long click.

Try this:

  1. Click a bookmark bar folder to expand it (do not move mouse away)
  2. Now click and hold mouse for one second. On mousedown, the folder collapses. On mouseup, it expands again. I do not think it should do this.
  3. Now click on the folder very quickly (instant mouseup/mousedown). The folder will now collapse.

Anyway, I don’t want to take up an immense amount of time on this, but it is slightly jarring. I think this is just a difficult issue to convey over keyboard and screenshots, but I’d like to see if anyone else can reproduce this.

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