Incomplete Brave Rewards Received for July

I received an email saying I’d been sent the June payout from BAT tied to Brave ad views, but the amount was a small percentage of the overall prospective balance. Upon confirming both in Uphold and Brave, this looks to be an issue. As seen in the image included, 1.06 BAT was received with 26.4 BAT being the estimated pending rewards balance (the payout date has rolled to Aug for the next cycle, disregard that). So, I’m missing 25.34 BAT for the June cycle. The question is what must I do or when can I receive the remaining balance? Can anyone at Brave help with this? Thank you.


I have exactly the same problem:
Partial reward on my uphold account while my estimated reward is much higher.
(10.7 BAT estimated for 0.6 BAT received).




Same problem here. Glad I am not the only one. Has been going on for months now…@kris.mcallan @luke.mulks @kamil @Mattches @sriram

Hi @kris.mcallan - payouts for verified wallets are still processing. It is not uncommon to receive in multiple installments. You can find updates to the July payment here - MEGATHREAD: July 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support. Please post in the megathread using the template provided if you have not received your full payment by tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!

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